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Trust building in Sri Lanka


aidXchange hosts a series of virtual workshops to promote communication and trust-building in Sri Lanka and its diaspora

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented global challenges for local and global communities. It has emphasised the importance of strong community bonds to develop and support resilience and cooperation and to respond to the diverse social and economic problems we jointly face.

In 2009 Sri Lanka started to emerge from a prolonged civil conflict that caused great pain and suffering. While the process of reconstruction continues there remain many obstacles to overcome. This involves rebuilding the economy and strengthening structures and relationships within civil society to respond to the rapidly expanding needs of a complex and diverse society.

To assist with this process, aidXchange is hosting a series of virtual workshops that will bring together people both within the country itself and from the Sri Lanka diaspora spread around the world. Together, we will examine how to support community development in the fields of healthcare, sport, the arts, youth, gender, women, the environment etc.

We look forward to welcoming everyone with an interest in supporting trust-building and the development of civil society infrastructure in post-conflict settings to participate in this important series of discussions and meetings.

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