Continent Aflame Front Cover

Continent aflame: Responses to an Australian catastrophe

Published by Palaver


The Australian bushfire crisis of 2019-2020 was a disaster on an unprecedented scale which dramatically focused attention on the need to review and reassess fundamental attitudes to our relationships with nature, fire and the land.

Continent Aflame, a new book from Palaver Books, assembles responses from the Australian community from many perspectives, including cultural, economic, scientific and artistic. Together, the contributions forcefully display the moral imperative we collectively face to make the changes that are now unavoidable. We may not have another chance.

There has never been a more critical time for reflection, collectiveness and positive action at the local and global scale to protect what is most dear to us all. We must respect and walk with fire, not think we can just fight with it. Fire and Country have lore and we much learn our place in it.

Oliver Costello, CEO, Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation

This collection is written by and for grieving hearts and awakening minds in a time of innocence lost… With eyes so opened, stronger minds, and more courageous hearts, we can now set a path to healing the rift between ourselves and the rest of Nature.

Penny Sackett, Former Chief Scientist of Australia

I hope that those with eyes to see, ears to hear, welcome the authors of these contributions, and give heed to their analysis. We all depend on that.

Thomas Keneally, Author (from his foreword)

Continent aflame is available from Palaver Books (

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