The collaborative platform for civil society

Connecting people across different political, cultural, geographical

and professional boundaries to develop dialogue

and partnerships in a digital space

All people, all over

Realising humanitarian projects across the globe

aidXchange is a collaborative program led by Global Reconciliation to provide a global platform to facilitate the development of partnerships to support humanitarian causes. The project is non-aligned and non-partisan. It does not provide support for governments or political regimes of any complexion.

Using an online platform, aidXchange provides a framework for members to come together to share and develop skills to address common needs. Members can approach each other or can rely on the platform to suggest matches based on shared interests and capacities.


Find and connect with other people based upon shared needs and capacities


Use our dialogue forums and project spaces to discuss existing projects


Realise the vision! Set up a new project and co-ordinate with members to develop your project

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