International Women’s Day

Global Reconciliation International Women’s Day 2021


“A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.”

In light of this year’s International Women’s Day, Global Reconciliation has published interviews with our current Desmond Tutu Reconciliation Fellowship (DTRF) awardees. As the theme of this year’s DTRF award is centred around gender reconciliation, International Women’s Day provides an impetus for our fellows to share some insights around their inspiring work in gender equality.

Global Reconciliation is dedicated to all forms of reconciliation, but on the auspicious day of March 8th, we particularly speak in solidarity with the women of the world. We recognise and admire the tenacity and intelligence of our fellows in challenging the gender divide, it is their work that draws the global community closer every day to a true sense of equity and fairness.

We choose to challenge, and it is with the alertness of people like Romina, Safiya and Tambudzai that true change is enacted.

Click here to view the interview with Safiya Ibn Garba
Click here to view the interview with Tambudzai Muzenda
Click here to view the interview with Romina Caldera (pending)

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