Terms and Conditions Feb2021


This Agreement, which is comprised of these “Terms and Conditions”, is valid upon execution by the member, which is taken to have occurred when the member registers to use the aidXchange website.

Global Reconciliation, which is the owner of aidXchange, agrees to provide and the member agrees to accept the services listed in this Agreement and to pay applicable charges as may be specified and agreed to from time to time.

Changes in the service
Global Reconciliation may notify the member of any change or suspension of services or changes of these terms and conditions. The member’s continued use of the service after this notification will be deemed as member’s acceptance of the change or suspensions of services or changes of these terms and conditions.

The member may cancel this Agreement at any time through written notice to us.

The aidXchange website may contain the expression of ideas, opinions, suggestions, assertions and advice about a wide range of issues and subjects by members and other users of the website. Global Reconciliation takes no responsibility for the truthfulness or veracity of any such claims and advises members to scrutinise them carefully before adopting them as the basis for decisions or actions. Where appropriate, professional guidance should be sought by members before accepting or acting upon any claim appearing on the website. This applies particularly to matters relating to health or the law.

Global Reconciliation does not guarantee the quality and efficiency of the service and the member accepts the service without any guarantees. Furthermore, we shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, incidental or other damages whatsoever arising from any failures, interruptions or deficiencies of services provided pursuant to this Agreement. Our liability for any interruptions, delays, errors, or defects in transmission, equipment or services provided to the member under this Agreement shall be limited to an amount equal to any charges that may have been incurred by the member for the period of service during which such circumstances occurred.

In the event the member is unable to access the service due to external causes (as an example, but not limited to, acts of God) we shall not be responsible to the member for any damages or losses incurred as a result thereof. Furthermore, we shall not be responsible for any additional charges the member may thereby incur.

If a third party brings an action against the member for anything relating to or arising out of the services provided by the aidXchange website, the member hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Global Reconciliation harmless from any liability thereon.

Any notice required or permitted under this Agreement shall be sufficient, if in writing, and if sent by registered mail, certified mail, first class mail or hand delivered in the case of the member to their last known address as shown on the books and records of our, or any other arrangement by mutual consent.

Legal Fees
If a party hereof shall retain or engage any solicitor or solicitors to collect, enforce or protect its interest with respect to this Agreement, the non-prevailing party in any court action shall pay all of the reasonable costs and expenses of such collection, enforcement or protection, including, and without limitation to, all reasonable solicitor’s fees and court costs at the trial and appellate levels.

Successors and Assignees
This Agreement shall bind the successors, heirs and assigns of the member. We hereby reserve the right to assign or transfer any or all of its interest in this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the member.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws prevailing in the State of Victoria. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, void, voidable, or for some other reason unenforceable, then, in that event, all of the other remaining provisions of this Agreement shall nevertheless continue to be binding and in full force and effect on the parties hereto.

Currency of Information
These ‘Terms and Conditions’ may change from time to time so please check back periodically.